Spring Chunk Pop Up


                                                           Rosemary Moore’s

                 Spring CHUNK  2019      Saturday May  18    10:30am-5:30ish pm

     Where:  Rosemary Moore’s comfortable Park Slope Living Room

                         CHUNK is a chance to write a section, a chapter, an act,

                              a short play or story OR just write a lot…explore.


                                                 (details and testimonials below)

           Email roseleap229@gmail.com  to reserve your spot  !!

We will be loyal to the “make a mess” and “safe to be unsafe” mottos in the process!

“Wonder if you’ll ever know how much CHUNK meant to me? It was pure fun. That safe space and structure you provided connected me to the joy of writing. JOY. In the following days, I felt more myself in the world. For that Saturday, I let that part of myself live and be visible. I’m so grateful. and YES, I’d like to do it again., if you’ll have me. ”  Leila Gastil, fiction writer.

“Who knew I could write for a straight 2 and a half hours? With the CHUNK workshop, Rosemary providing snacks and coffee and support and the other writers writing furiously, I managed to resolve plot issues, get a decent first draft, and jumpstart a very dry writing spell. The quality of everyone’s writing was very high and the feedback session well-run and useful. “   Marcy Arlin, fiction writer


  • Receive brief Pre-Chunk writing assignment a week ahead from Rosemary: a way to prepare (not restrict) for writing day.  This will be for your eyes only.

Extended, uninterrupted 3 -hours of writing time.  ( Since it’s spring: more writing time than in winter Chunk!)

  • Generous fruit, protein, carb snacks and beverages all day
  • Note late lunch: see below. Bring bag lunch or go to local joints: in or out (I have list of places)
  • It will not be a race to write the most pages!!!It will be an opportunity to write a lot…to go past the outer limits of where we always have to stop for a regular evening long class.
  • Rosemary will be sitting in the corner available for consult and encouragement.
  • Have substantial, albeit rough and new piece of writing by the end of the day.

Share writing with group at end of day. (optional)



I am looking for up to 7 participants.


               10:45 11:30 Greetings, intros and prompt.

11:30- 2:30 Writing time.  (with stretch, snack and inspiration breaks)

2:30- 3:15   Lunch break:  no writing during lunch break

                      (Living room will be reserved for those who want to eat in quiet.

                      Dining room for eating and socializing)

3:15- 4   Look over writing and get ready for share/ read aloud.

4- 5:30 ish   Share writing.

Rosemary will respond to writers reading their CHUNK but given time constraints (and depending on page counts), response time from others will be adjusted accordingly.



$150.   Send check (email me for snail mail or PAYPAL

PAYPAL (Friends and Family)  roseleap229@gmail.com