Side Street

Subverting the conventions of naturalism, SIDE STREET is a surreal drama in which no one ages but cocktails are served, emotions are felt and soufflés are baked.  In this bewitched parallel universe long-dead Dora and her daughter Meg meet via a time travel portal under the awning of an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment building.  Dora seems to know that she has a few hours to live.  Meg nurses her dying mother and witnesses a family secret being put in place involving her mother’s passion and torn loyalty between her Navy lover and Meg’s father who is an officer in the Marines away in the Pacific.  SIDE STREET is a cubist rendering of Meg’s coming of age in middle age. Production Fall 2013

 Aunt Pieces

A woman in her sixties leaves the stagnant safety of a long-term psychiatric center and returns to her family home after decades away.  Her effort to reclaim her place in the house disturbs the fragile equilibrium of her nephew and his children. Production: Cherry Lane Alternative

A Slight Kidnapping

The play is about Jill, 15 and her emotional collapse over a summer weekend, precipitated by the separation of her parents and a suffocating triangle with a summer visitor and a boy from the neighborhood. Mini-workshop: New Georges


The Pain of Pink Evenings; a full-length monologue play 35 minutes. Production THE LIVING ROOM at HERE (nyc) 

Pineapple; a ten minute play

The Effect of Living Backwards: a ten minute play.

Living on the Median Strip; a full length show of monologues

Never Stare at the Sun; a full-length show of monologues

Cartoon on Time; a full-length show of monologues

PLAYS in progress

Opium Wars; the bar play

One night in the 1840’s, Talon, a sailor in flight from forced labor on a ship docked in New York, time travels forward to 1980 breaking through a brick wall into Maximus, an artist bar on Duane St. in Tribeca NYC. Ivy, Kitten, Pencil, and Informer all fall in love with Talon, who is only in love with opium. How does the sailor’s near slavery and opium addiction transform these ambitious artists and buzzing art flies view of themselves?

Arabella a one act play

Three middle-aged sisters gather in their family’s summer home after their father’s death and fight over a rooster weather vane.