Announcing Rosemary Moore’s


A One day Generative writing workshop 

On Zoom

 Sunday     JULY 11     10:30am-6:00pm  EST

Cost: TBD
Beginners welcome/all genres


Break out groups
-There will be tech support for the entire session.

Generative writing is the process of creating new material in the moment.  Rosemary will guide you through a flexible prompt created to spark your imagination or memory in unexpected ways.
Use the results of the prompt a lot or not at all during your writing day.

CHUNK is not a race to write the most pages,
CHUNK is a space to write wildly, quietly or in between:a chunk of pages, chapter, an act, a short stor

a life story you’ve been burning to get down on paper

just write a lot…explore/experiment.
Write, don’t think/ Make a mess!

  • By the end of the day you’ll have a substantial, albeit rough, new piece of writing
  • Write long hand or laptop or combo
  • Rosemary will be available for consult and encouragement.
  • Be on zoom during writing time OR NOT!

 The workshop will be broken up with a lunch break and pauses built in. At the end of the day writers will listen and respond to each other’s work (optional),  in break out groups of three or four.  Rosemary will circulate between the zoom rooms to touch base.

E-mail me at   with questions or to reserve a spot.


  • Rosemary Moore is a magician—she weaves surprising and brilliant prompts into quick reads that push me into inhabiting characters and regions of my imagination I would not go to alone. This is a gift, and I count on her particular sensitivity and innovative ways of presenting alternative structures to guide me. In a dedicated, small group, she creates safety and inspires imaginative stretching which makes me happy to travel towards the pulse of what’s happening on the page and get out of my own way. Rosemary’s generosity and joyful intelligence are always present.   Beatrix Gates, poet
  • Rosemary loves writers. And writing. And literature. With taste and originality. And, in deeply feminist ways she is generous and modest. Like superpowers. She create what the Kabbalists call a tsim tsum: a vacuum that draws out creativity.  Arthur Strimling, director, writer, storyteller
  • I really appreciated how thoughtful the prompts were, how simultaneously scaffolded and free they were. Jessica Bauman, director.
  • Rosemary Moore’s workshop is the ideal setting for one to develop one’s creative craft. The prompts are original and inspiring. Rosemary also leads everyone through a meditation that really works to get everyone in the zone before they write. Worth mentioning too is that the environment in the workshop is such that one feels comfortable sharing what they’ve written. Lastly the workshop has not only inspired me to take up writing, but has resulted in more joy in my life. David Telson –composer, musician, fiction writer
  • The chunk day was a lifesaver—helped me find my way back into the novel. It seemed there was time for everything. Joan Larkin, poet
  • Rosemary’s gentle preparation and creative prompts revealed a part of my imagination I didn’t know I had, and inspired writing I had no idea I was capable of! Her generosity and genuine curiosity bring forth the best in everyone in the group. I can’t wait until my next workshop.   Leslie Weber, fiction writer/memoirist
  • Rosemary’s workshop had a kind of magic in it and I recommend it unequivocallyLisa Chess, playwright/screenwriter